Membership in the Saluki Club of Canada offers many benefits. An application form for membership can be obtained by downloading the 2018 Membership Application and sending the completed application plus appropriate fee to the Secretary (address on the form). Once your membership application has been accepted you will be eligible to include a Member Profile page on our website. These profiles are a great way to show off your Salukis to other members and also to the visitors to our website. In order to obtain a member profile, be sure to check off the appropriate box on the member application form and include the fee with your membership, then contact the webmaster.

Our Annual Photo contest is another benefit of membership to the club. Each year our Newsletter Editor will chose the criteria for the Annual Photo Contest which is published in Sightings. This is a wonderful opportunity to dust off the camera and focus it on your beloved Saluki. Our wonderful breed makes for fascinating and unusual subjects. No need to be a professional, photographers of all levels can enter the contest, the overall winning picture will be featured on the front page of Saluki Sightings. Each winner, runner up and honourable mention from each of the categories is published in the magazine as well and may also appear on our webpages.  There is no fee for the photo contest, it is open to all paid up members of the club.

Each year the Saluki Club of Canada hold Specialty Saluki Events across the country. Our National Specialty rotates around the country and in the year when a region is not hosting the National Specialty they are hosting their own Regional Specialty. We have an Eastern, Western and Pacific Region Specialty and these events are a wonderful introduction to the world of dog shows, with the emphasis being on Salukis, of course. At these events you will not only be able to feast your eyes on a vast array of Salukis from across the country and from the US, but you will be afforded the opportunity to buy a piece of wonderful art made by one of our many talented members, or buy raffle tickets for Saluki ephemera or artwork. Ringside or after judging hospitality is the norm at our specialties and a great opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow Salukiphiles.

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