Saluki Club of Canada Rescue and Education Trust

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The trust was originally established to administer funds left to the SCOC by the estate of Gordon Thompson in 2016.  The fund was established isth approximately $260,000. The funds were to be used for the rescue of Salukis in need of such and to be used towards educational activities (often health related) that might well reduce the need for rescues in the future.

The original Trust Documents are included (or attached or whatever - but we should include them on-line somewhere).


History of the Thompsons: (Submitted by Janice Preiss)

Gord and Gloria Thompson, the generous donors of the rescue fund, acquired their first saluki in the 1970’s.  Gord was a chemical engineer with Shell Oil, and Gloria worked part time in retail - mostly because she was a very social person and liked to help others.  They got their first saluki from Agnes Bowden - Saladin. They lived on a very large lot - 1/2 an acre so it was a great running space for a saluki. Gord was a very active man, right up into his late 80’s so it was not unusual to see him being pulled down the street or running with the saluki.  Salukis at the Thompsons weren’t always trained well, but spoiled and coveted. Next they acquired a puppy Ritchie, a red saluki from me, Janice Preiss and he lived well into his teens. They adored him. When Ritchie passed, the Thompson’s were in their 80’s and figured they were too old to have a saluki.  However since they were so well equipped for one, they lovingly rehomed a 10 year old female, Ash, from Lin Hawkyard. Ash outlived Gloria and passed away a few months before Gord.

Long before they had told me that when they pass, there would be money left to the saluki club rescue and I would make sure it happened.   It did seem to take quite a few years for the estate to be settled, but indeed, they had made good on their promise. We are so grateful to them, that we can help rescue salukis without the financial burden.  You were truly champions Gord and Gloria .


Administration of the Trust:

The trust is administered by 3 Trustees appointed for 3 year terms.  One Trustee is to be appointed (or re-appointed) each year. The responsibility of the trustees is the investment of these funds and the distribution of the funds ensuring the funds are used for the intended purposes.

Current Trustees:

Randy White (Chair)

Bill Stewart (Investments)

Kara Lysne-Paris (Treasurer)

Responsibility for Rescue:

The responsibility for actual rescues generally falls to the SCOC Rescue Committee. The Trust funds the SCOC Rescue Committee each year based on their anticipated needs and to reimburse the Rescue Committee for expenses of the prior year.

The Trust works with the Rescue Committee when questions arise as to reasonable expenses.  However, generally the policy is that we will work with the committee and Club Members to rescue salukis in Canada and find new homes. Our philosophy is that members should not be out-of-pocket for agreed rescue activities but we do not pay for the time of members and we will not pay a ‘ransom’ to rescue a dog. (That being we will not pay an owner who says unless they are paid for the dog they will put it down). 

The Trust is not strictly limited to working through the Rescue Committee and can operate on its own to rescue a Saluki (registered or not) if it deems such appropriate. However,  this would be an exceptional circumstance and we do not anticipate such a situation.

With the agreement of the SCOC Board the trust may contribute towards the rescue of Salukis outside of Canada.  We have worked with and donated to STOLA in the USA. It is understood that dogs are often sold between countries and therefore working together makes sense.

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Expansion of the Trust:

The trust could be expanded through further donations. If SCOC members, or individuals, would like to provide future funding for either specific Saluki related issues or just for the promotion of the club and breed the Trust could be expanded to incorporate such donations.

Such donations could be through their ‘Estate’ or by way of a direct donation or by way of a structure like a ‘Life Insurance Policy’.  The Trustees would be pleased to work with individuals to set up such a structure and set out parameters for the use of such funds in the future.

Examples of funding might be towards the ‘Promotion of the Breed’, or ‘Funding certain Activities of the SCOC’, or ‘Health Related Activities or Research’ or just about any other specific purpose donors might want considered.


For further information or to apply for funding please contact our treasurer Kara Lysne-Paris at>