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2016 Saluki Annual

2011 Fall/ Winter issue of Saluki Sightings – features:

All I Want for Christmas
Meet Joan King
2011 Photo Contest
2011 Pacific Specialty Results
2011 National Sweeps Critiques
2011 National Specialty Critique
2011 Western Specialty ResultsCritiques

Winter 2010/Spring 2011 issue of Saluki Sightings – features:

Contents Winter 2010 Spring 2011
Doing it right right from the start
Adventures in Flyball
Best the heat
From fluff to fab
Heartbreak Hounds
Lost in the desert
Memories of a Saluki from WW1
Rainbow View
2011 Photo Contest
2010 Top 10 Conformation Dogs
2010 Top 10 Lure Coursing Dogs

Specialty Issue 2010 of Saluki Sightings:

Contents Specialty Issue 2010
Sizing up the Standard
GTKY Bob Boxma
Across Canada SpringSummer 2010
2010 Pacific Specialty Results:Critiques
2010 National Specialty Results:Critiques
2010 National Lure Coursing

Fall/Winter 2009 of Saluki Sightings:

Contents Fall Winter 2009
GTKY Robbie Pattison
Hope Waters
Why Salukis Can’t Do Obedience
Bottoms Up Digging
2009 Pacific Specialty
2009 National Specialty

Spring/Summer 2009 of Saluki Sightings:

Contents Spring Summer 2009
Born to Run
GTKY Sandra Gahan
Nutrition and the Immune System
2008 Top Show:Coursing Dogs
2009 Photo Contest
2009 Western Specialty

Spring/Summer 2008 of Saluki Sightings:

Contents Spring 2008
From the Rescue Files
GTKY Jan Buchanan
Heart of the Matter
You Always Remember Your First
Karl Letonja
2008 Photo Contest